Xiangrun and Bairui manufacturing

Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui, originally established in 2010, is one of the earliest and biggest manufacturers which dedicated to researching and manufacturing in China. Our featured products are activated alumina, potassium permanganate impregnated media, alumina carrier, alumina catalyst, pseudo boehmite and several kinds of alumina powder.


Quality Control

Strict Quality Control during all the job
"Quality is everything" is the slogan that deeply mark into every staff of Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui company.
Our QC process is as below:
Raw material inspection by Quality Dep. → Planning Dep. arrange the production plan →Mixing material by Manufacturing Dep. and technology department → producing-process inspect during manufacturing by QC and Manu. Dep  → Inspection before packing by QC Dep. → Final inspection before shipment by QC Dep. Welcome for third part inspection from customer or individual organization.


Hot Products

We are no. 1...WHY?

  • 2009- Make preparations for activated alumina factory
  • 2010- Establish Zibo Xiangrun activated alumina first factory
  • 2011- We built the large scale pseudo boehmite factory
  • 2012- Our research on pseudo boehmite get honorary award in China
  • 2014- Our development on activated alumina catalyst enter into the first class in activated alumina industry
  • 2014- We produce a production line of molecular sieve.
  • 2014- We built the one of most advanced alpha high temperature alumina powder production lines.
  • 2015- We establish Shandong Bairui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd
  • 2016- The quality of alumina powder, activated alumina, pseudo boehmite are listed as one of first class in the world..
  • 2017-The full series of activated alumina adsorbent ranks first class

Our company have more than200.000 customersaround the world!